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Hooto Captcha Server 1.0.4 Relased

Published: 2012-06-07 Categories: Software Tags: Captcha Security

What is Captcha

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart". It is a task, that human can easily solve, but computer not.

It is used as a challenge-response to ensure that the individual submitting information is a human and not an automated process. Typically, a captcha is used with form submissions where authenticated users are not necessary, but you want to prevent spam submissions.

What is Hooto Captcha

hcaptcha is a free, easy-to-use WebService helps enterprises to integrate Captcha into their own business systems. Similar to Google reCaptcha but can be customized and deployment to your private network.


  • High Security: using the distorted, bonding, dislocation and random word length, making it difficult to be dismantled, recognition by machine
  • High Performance: Based on C/libevent/libgd/memcached, all levels of optimization, upto 500 Requests pre second in single-threaded (120x60 pixels)
  • Local Deployment: Similar to Google reCaptcha but can deployment to private network
  • Cluster Deployment: Support for large-scale network deployment LVS -> Hooto Captcha Cluster -> Memcached Cluster


Project, WebService API


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